IT Solutions For Your Business

1. IT Asset Lifecycle Management

At DDG, your IT objectives are ours. This means trusting DDG who are experts in IT asset lifecycle management. DDG can enter the lifecycle at any time. It can start with Secure Asset Disposal, Hardware Maintenance, or Procurement. Either way, DDG can provide you with the best solution that takes all parts of the lifecycle into consideration. DDG will simplify the management of the lifecycle while putting real dollars back into your pocket through each phase.


DDG’s customers generally know what they want. In that instance, DDG are happy to assist in the procurement process. That includes the procurement of servers, storage, network, security, or end user computing. DDG has had instances where customers approach them to partner with a vendor to assist in the procurement process. DDG’s objective in that instance is to provide a seamless value for money experience. If DDG’s customer is unclear on the solution they need, DDG will bring in the right vendors to assist in building the ideal solution to meet the business outcome.

Hardware Maintenance

The team at DDG has a long and deep background in hardware maintenance. DDG believes that an effective maintenance strategy provides customers with key options that can save bucket loads. This is achieved by maximising your initial investment by breaking the standard refresh cycle. Instead of refreshing every 3-4 years, DDG can provide you with the option to refresh every 5-6 years (longer in many cases). The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) forced organisations to seriously consider other options like hardware maintenance to save money. COVID-19 has changed this landscape forever. All DDG requires is an asset list. The savings are massive, up to 65% in many cases.

Asset Buyback

DDG can buyback your old IT assets and maximise your ROI.

Secure Asset Disposal

In the information age, data is more valuable than money. When the refresh cycle arrives, it is important to dispose of the data and eliminate the risk of data compromise. The software used is Certified by NIAP to EAL 4 standards.

2. Data Centre Solutions

Today’s data centre is experiencing a radical transformation. Data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. The need to process and deliver this data across organisations requires a new approach. The ability to harness the value of that data is what will ultimately differentiate your business from competitors. Regardless of type or amount, how you store your data is critical. Benefit from smarter solutions for optimising on-premise workloads and scaling infrastructure, while reducing your data centre footprint and simplifying IT operations.

DDG have expertise in Cloud, flash, object-based, and enterprise storage. DDG can help you determine the best data storage solution based on your specific retrieval needs.

3. Cloud Solutions

Cloud services have provided businesses big and small, a more flexible way to operate in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you are looking for an in-house solution, a Cloud-based solution, or a hybrid multi-Cloud environment, DDG’s team will find the solution to accommodate your needs now and into the future.

​Cloud services can help you reduce operational and IT costs, improve business agility, maintain security, increase utilisation of IT resources, and flatten out cash-flow by making server infrastructure an operating expense.

​Cloud is far from a one size fits all solution. DDG’s team of Cloud experts can design a solution that involves the right elements of the right “Clouds” taking into consideration your unique business functions and requirements.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

Office 365 makes running your business that much easier, with access to your company data anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-inclusive Cloud platform that enables businesses to create, edit, and share documents and staff to collaborate from anywhere on the internet. The Office 365 packages suit small up to enterprise size businesses. DDG will assess your business requirements and help you choose the correct packages and plans for your organisation.

​Most Microsoft Office 365 packages will allow you to install the full range of Ms Office suite applications to your PC or laptop, Mac, tablet, or smartphone with the one user license. Microsoft Office 365 will boost productivity and significantly reduce the amount of software and hardware your business needs to edit, share, collaborate, and back up its critical data through the following services and features: ​

  • Microsoft Exchange Email – Powerful enterprise-level email system
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online – Document sharing and management system
  • Microsoft Skype for Business – Premium communication application to connect your staff
  • Office 2016 Suite of applications – Applications you already know at your fingertips
  • OneDrive for Business – Massive online storage for each staff member
  • PLUS, many more cloud-based services to simplify the way you work

DDG has the ability to offer backup solutions for all O365data using NetApp’s SaaS Backup service which includes unlimited storage and retention in a predictive and cost-effective licensing model.

4. Network Security

Keeping your home safe from intruders is easy. There is one, maybe two doors to lock and secure. But your organisation’s network is far more complex. Every user, desktop, and corporate mobile device is a “door” into your network, a possibility for SPAM, viruses, and harmful content to pry its way in and wreak havoc on your valuable resources. Maintaining information and user security is one of the most challenging aspects of IT infrastructures that companies face today.

DDG security specialists work with you to select, evaluate, and implement the right security solution for your organisation’s network. Together, DDG answers important questions and assesses your data protection needs – what types of data you have, regulatory compliance that applies to your data, how you are using your data and where your data is stored.

​DDG has security solutions which are complete and capable of protecting, searching, reviewing, and repairing the weaknesses of your network security, namely Next Generation Firewall, Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System, Internet Security Gateway, SSL and IP Sec VPN, Network Security Surveillance and Forensics Solution, Log Management, Network Security Information, and Event Management.

5. Managed Unified Communications Services

Communicating and collaborating with clients is at the heart of your business. It is an integral part of your day-to-day success and drives competitive advantage. Your unified communication (UC) requirements are unique as is your business strategy; they go hand in hand. By placing your UC systems in the Cloud, your communications become commoditised, and your competitive advantage can become eroded.

​However, success and competitive advantage are not easy. Managing your UC environment is complicated and puts high demands on your business’s UC infrastructure and the people who support it. As with any powerful technology, UC is constantly evolving, and so it is difficult to stay current with the latest versions and emerging applications/functionalities.

​There is an Answer – Unified Communications Managed Services

The only way to address all your needs while also ensuring that your communications are performing as critical, strategic business applications is with a proper, world-class unified communications managed service. Managed services should reinforce your team, not replace it. Your managed services should also incorporate the right combination of skills, expertise, experience, process, systems, and depth that will help you maximise the benefits of unified communications and stay ahead of the competition.


How much money are you spending on unified communications? Are you getting the most out of your technology investment? How do you know that the money you are spending on UC is paying off?

​The key to being able to answer these questions is Usability. DDG will help you uncover whether or not your team is using the technology you’ve invested in and whether or not they are using it effectively. By tracking this information and working to improve the results constantly, you achieve unified communications.


When it comes to technology, control is a very touchy subject. Combustibility, longevity, quality, reliability, functionality, and access amongst other things are business decisions that only you should be making. ​

  • Your team should always maintain 100% control over your entire UC environment. ​
  • Your managed services partner should be an extension of your team, not the owner. ​
  • You should control the timing and type of upgrades performed on your system. ​
  • You should maintain complete control over the security of your data.

Control provides flexibility. That flexibility means that you’re ready for whatever happens in the market and you’re able to turn change into opportunity by adjusting to the new reality almost immediately.

​In the unified communications world, this means being able to take full advantage of all UC applications and functionalities without worrying that something won’t be supported. It means integrating your communications with other critical business applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.

​It means having the ability to make and execute decisions in time, which is vital for a sustainable competitive advantage.


Putting their customers interests first is always front of mind. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way everyone does business and as people buy more and more technology online, DDG realises that they need to adapt. In conjunction with Gluh, DDG has developed a one stop digital marketplace for customers to access hundreds of thousands of products at cost-effective prices. DDG has made shopping for technology fun again.

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